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Yes. It is spring!

I know, I know, it could be sooo much warmer and sunnier and greener and, and… But it is spring. It’s true. Every week we’re wearing fewer layers. The water is draining off the property and it’s just about time to switch into leather boots. Wow, just the thought of walking around without big, heavy, rubber boots on sends shivers up my spine.

There are lots of seedlings on the go and we’re working the soil inside the hoophouse. There are baby birds, baby cows and baby farmers. Well, maybe not baby farmers… Interns! Now on week 3, Michelle and Charlie are quickly getting the hang of things here.

Beef and Chicken
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We’ve had two highland calves in the past week and they are both strong and healthy. Our heard keeps growing, with new breeding cows acquired and/or raise each year. We’re well on our way to producing our own beef, raised start to finish on our own pastures.

In the meantime, we’ve purchased a few steers to finish on pasture this summer. We were lucky to find calves raised on hay without any additional grain fain, so we can offer you grass fed beef.

Follow the link to our new webstore, where you can purchase your quarter of beef. You can also put a deposit on a fresh, pasture-raised chicken while you’re there. We are doing three batches of 100 meat chickens again this year. Make sure to reserve yours now.

While we can deliver the beef to your home, please keep in mind that chicken must be picked up from the farm.

Thinking warm thoughts

Looks like we’ll be planting into the garden at least a week later than hoped for, but conditions are quickly improving. A few more hot, sunny days should dry the beds enough to start tilling and things will move quickly from there.

In order to get the fastest start possible, we’ve already got thousands of seedlings started. They’ll be planted out as soon as the ground can worked. Charlie, Michelle and I have been getting our hands dirty making soil blocks and keeping them warm in cold frames, in the hoophouse and in our spare bedroom. I think the time has come for a real, heated greenhouse. Maybe this fall…

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