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Wind, rain and teeth

Greetings veggie lovers! We got rain! Sorry for all of you who had outdoor weekend plans, but I gotta tell ya we all really enjoyed vegging out on the couch, listening to the rain battering outside. The rain gauge registered 80mm over the weekend, which means we will be seeing alot of growth out there.

And it’s about time. This has been the 2nd driest growing season in eastern Ontario on record, and needless to say the crops have been suffering for it. It’s one thing in the garden, where we can pump irrigation all we want and keep things growing, but the pastures, all the newly planted trees and berries, the perennials, herbs and fruit trees took a pretty big hit. We may not get plums for the second year in a row… Yikes!

That doesn’t stop us from putting food on the table, however! With a mixed farm like we have here, there’s always something good to eat. We’ve been enjoying light fare like wraps, salads, Vietnamese bun and stir fries with our tender greens and early root crops.

Veggie Update

Alright, it looks like everyone’s on board with picking up their veggies and taking them home. Remember to put them in the fridge ASAP so they keep best. Use the crisper (humidity controlled drawer) to protect anything susceptible to wilting. We don’t use any pesticides, fertilizers, sprouting inhibitors or other toxic chemicals on any of our food, and we do give everything a rinse before it gets to you, but it’s good practice to rinse your vegetables before you use them.

Lots more greens on the way this week: (salad, parsley, kale, chard) along with our juicy summer onions. Both the white and red onions can be eaten raw from top to bottom, including the green tops. Of course you can cook them lightly as well and add them to, well… Honestly I can’t really think of a meal that doesn’t involve onions! Am I right?

We’re happy to offer a big helping of summer squash this week. These are great on the grill, steamed, baked, pureed, or sliced into vegan noodles.

Although the crops look quite healthy, they are growing so darned slow inthe drought! My fingers are crossed the red beets will be ready to pick this week.

Oh and peas! Lots more peas! These are snap peas by the way, which means you pluck off the stem and eat the whole thing. But you knew that already 😉

Meat Chicken Update

We had a little scare last week while weeding in the garden on a clear, beautiful day. Although there wasn’t much of a wind to speak of, a gust of hot air started making it’s way down the driveway and, as they regularly do here, shaped itself into a small twister. They usually just blow a little dust and gravel around and are pretty cool to look at. This time, however, the twister veered off the driveway towards our movable chicken coop, the Caquelac, which spontaneously achieved liftoff. It gracefully reached about 20 feet up in the air, slammed back down and began flip and roll over itself, across the pature and through the fence light a big, akward, galvanized steel tumbleweed. Astoundingly there were only two chicken casualties, one fatal, but the Caquelac got worked pretty hard…

You can see the crew in the picture as they quickly reacted to contain the recently evicted birds with temporary fencing. The Caquelac is the white thing on the left, battered and a good 300 feet from its original location. As you can see, it’s not even sort of stormy or windy out. We’ve contacted the X-files for an explanation.

On the plus side, they are all doing quite well and absolutely loving the green pasture. The Nova Freerangers are solid, healthy little birds and I can’t wait to have a taste. We sourced our birds from a small hatchery in Nova Scotia (along with apparently a bunch of other people who read their feature article in Small Farm Canada magazine) and the older couple who operates the hatchery were quite simply overwhelmed by the volume of orders this spring. It seems we were not the only ones happy to find an alternative to the white rock broilers! It also means we received our chicks much later than anticipated, and so they’ll be ready a little later.

have been scheduled for processing on August 10th.
You must pickup your fresh chicken on THURSDAY, AUGUST 11th or SATURDAY, AUGUST 13th.
Egg Update

Bruno gets an honorable mention this week for taking a hit while protecting the laying flock. He’s been fighting off a raccoon for the last couple weeks and getting pretty scratched up in the process. Unfortunately the raccoon did not get the hint, persisted in trying to eat all our hens (and succeeded in getting a few) so we had to step in and put an end to his plans.

We don’t like messing with wildlife, and we take several measures to prevent the need to do so, but when our birds turn up dead and our guard dog is getting hurt we don’t have much choice.

Our little hens are beginning to lay, so egg share members please check your emails for pickup information coming up shortly. Thank you for your patience!

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