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Weekly Box Examples

Here are examples of our large box this past season. Choosing the small box will get you the large box minus 2 or 3 items. Choosing a monthly box will get you a large box for one month’s time.

Large Box – July 3rd, 2012

Romaine lettuce, Chioggia beets, round and striped zucchini, basil, cilantro, spring onions, orange carrots and garlic scapes.

Large box- August 21st, 2012

Tomatoes, sweet peppers, crookneck squash, broccoli, green beans, basil, water melon, golden beets and storage onions

Large box – September 18th, 2012

Parsley, carrots, lettuce, onions, scallions, potatoes, green beans, cauliflower, swiss chard and garlic.