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We Signed!

We signed! After several years in NCC limbo we have finally signed a long term lease with our landlords. Five years with four renewal options means I’ll be sticking around for the next 20 years. It’ll cost a pretty penny, about $700 000 in rent, but I think we can develop this farm into something really great. It feels pretty nice to scratch that off the to-do list! And just in time to kick off our 10th anniversary year!

Besides negotiating with NCC representatives, we’ve been keeping

busy in the sunshine these past few weeks. Gregor is back on the crew, along with newcomers Kim and Joel.

As promised to our GoFundMe backers, we’ve planted 80 trees on the property to provide bird and insect habitat, create a windbreak for the garden and the driveway, and provide a little shade for all of us over here. Few tasks provide the satisfaction of doing something good for the planet as much as planting trees, and I can assure you this is just the first of several yearly tree planting parties to come.

With four pairs of arms on the ground, spring tasks are breezing right along and we’re well on track for our summer projects. As long as we can get that new, 10 acre pasture fenced time… Speaking of which – Still lots of beef packages up for sale! Help fund our beef expansion by pre-paying for 40 or 80 pounds of grass fed beef. We use your money to build fencing and buy yearlings.

We will only buy enough cattle to fulfill our pre-payed orders, so if you want in on the beef, you’ve only got another week or two to register.

Riverglen Farm is Ready to Grow!
Help us get this old farm in working order so we can all enjoy good food


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