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The first day of Spring is just around the corner and we are getting ready to wrap up recruiting for this season. The Intentional Eaters CSA is just about full!!! If you are interested in joining the group but have not yet mailed your application, please send me an e-mail indicating your interest so you can be placed on a waiting list. There are still a few loose ends and a little room to move, so we may be sneaking a few people in… What have you got to offer the group?

I’m very excited to meet the group this year! It’s larger than ever, with people hailing from several different neighbourhoods in Ottawa. Thank you very much to those of you who donated money over and above the harvest-share cost. Your contributions are HUGELY appreciated!

Final payments are already starting to trickle in (Thank You)  but there are still two more weeks available to those who have not settled their accounts yet. Please contact me if this time-line puts you in an uncomfortable spot… I don’t want anyone skipping on rent to pay for my veggies!

There are still a couple months before vegetables are ready for harvest. In the meantime, keep an eye out on the website for pictures as spring continues to springify! You can also look forward to a newsletter beginning in April. We’ll keep you posted with dates for our orientation meeting.

Cheers!       bike load

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