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Although October is the last month of CSA baskets, it sure isn’t the last month of vegetables. Fall tends to be generous around here and  year is no exception.

We expect to be open throughout October and well into November, at least. Depending on how the greenhouse crops do, we may be still be picking spinach and kale until Christmas! So come see our fall display and warm your belly with hearty produce.

Other greenhouse greens to look forward to are pac choi and lettuce. Not to mention our five varieties of salad tomatoes. Pictured right is the Green Zebra, with its unique, zesty-fruity taste.

Bulk Order Update
New garlic pricing!

The terrific weather we’ve been having is really pushing the tomatoes along, so you still have the chance to order a bushel of sauce tomatoes. Unfortunately, I was a little underpowered this summer and the storage beets and carrots are not growing as fast as they could have. The plug hasn’t been pulled yet, but if they do yield a harvestable crop, it won’t probably won’t be until November.

We also still have lots of onions and garlic. We thought the $400 bushel price for garlic might be a little too intimidating, so we’re creating a couple more options. You can also buy a half bushel for $200 and a quarter bushel for $100.

CSA Update
Last week for biweekly-A members

 For some of you this is your last pickup week. We hope you enjoyed your vegetables, and that you will sign-up with us again next year!

If there is anything you’d like to say about your CSA experience this year, this is the time. We currently working on our 2014 season and your input is valuable in shaping our products. We’re particularly interested to know how you feel about portion sizes, how often you get certain veggies, what you think about the pickup locations, etc.

On a different note, I had a good laugh last week seeing everyone’s expression when they saw those huge heads of cabbage. Yes, you probably could feed an army with them! But you don’t need to. They’ll actually last a long time in your fridge. Just cut a wedge off as needed and put it back in the crisper. You can find many recipes that feature cabbage, but you don’t need to. Put a leaf in your sandwich, shave off a little to add bulk, crispiness and nutrition to a sautée or stir-fry. I like it in the pan with onions, garlic and mustard, used as a side dish. Just have fun 😉

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