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Vegetable Season Ends – Egg Season Peaks


Riverglen Farm News
Farmstore CLOSED for the season

Eggs and carrots available for purchase self-serve
Monday to Friday: 3pm-7pm and Saturday: 9am-4pm
Well it looks as though we are reaching the end of vegetable supplies. Combined with the fact that we’re focusing on other projects and a new part time job, it’s time to close down the farmstore for the season. Thanks again for making us part of your routine over these past few months; we hope you enjoyed your fresh, local vegetables!

We’re not totally tapped dry yet though, so if you do want a few more things please email your order (minimum $20) to info@riverglenfarm.ca. I will pack it in a bin and leave it for you to pickup up from the farm at your convenience, ideally during the hours stated above. We have:

-Carrots: $5/bunch or $60/bushel (~20kg)
-Beets: $4/kg or $50/bushel (~20kg)
-Parsnip, Rutabaga: $4/kg
-Turnip: $3/kg
-Celery: $4/ea
-Savoy cabbage: $3/kg
-Collard greens, curly kale: $4/bunch
-Parsley: $3/bunch

We also have loads of eggs! The hens are full size, healthy, roaming around EVERYWHERE and laying like crazy. Eggs are $7 per dozen and they’ll be on our self-serve table throughout the winter.

Drop in Monday to Friday: 3-7pm or Saturday: 9am-4pm to purchase as many as you need. Please record your purchase on the supplied sheet and make sure not to take any eggs from the prepaid pile. Thanks!

There will be lights on inside, but please watch your step in the dark.

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