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U of Guelph to axe Organic Ag Department

 Subject: University of Guelph to axe the Organic Agriculture Department

Hi, My name is  Erin Harris. I am currently enrolled in the Organic Agriculture Major at the University of Guelph and would like to let as many people as possible know about a troubling development at the University. I would be grateful if you could do the same and consider writing your opinion to any or all of the following email links.

In 2003 the University of Guelph took a huge step and began to offer the first Organic Major in Canada, one of few in all of North America. 

However recently due to the financial crisis the program has been eliminated.  Along with the major all but 1 of the courses have been cut, leaving Guelph practically devoid of any thing organic.  The process was completed with very little input by students or staff.  Students were given a chance to speak at the last stage of the process.  This however proved to be fruitless and simply a formality with everything the students saying being disregarded.  We are currently striving to get the decision overturned.  If you think that the top agriculture university should be offering organic courses, or that this decision is short sighted and a threat to future development of sustainable agriculture please let the university know.  Letters can be forwarded to:
cwagnerr@uoguelph.ca, vosborne@uoguelph.ca, gotis@uoguelph.ca, jtrevors@uoguelph.ca, allauzon@uoguelph.ca, nyap@uoguelph.ca, asulliva@uoguelph.ca, aboecker@uoguelph.ca, lizlee@uoguelph.ca, rsarker@uoguelph.ca, jfitz@uoguelph.ca, ggray@uoguelph.ca, wjt@uoguelph.ca

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear U. Guelph is eliminating its program in organic ag. However, not all is lost. Canadian students wishing to further their education in that area might consider picking up a certificate in organic ag via online distance ed from Washington State University. More in on the WSU Web site at http://www.online.wsu.edu.

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