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Time to Seed!

 Ash cows

The air is warm and the soil is dry; time to put some seed in the ground. Cultivation, irrigation and in a few more weeks… germination. Peas, lettuce, asian greens, chard and spinach have already started to poke out of the ground. The tomatoes have been transplanted into larger cells. Assuming this weather holds up, and our irrigation system, we might have a bountiful, late spring crop.

But then again it’s snowing today… A bit of a reminder that it is, after all, only April. Cool weather is nice for hard, stinky tasks like cleaning out the winter manure piles in the chicken coop and in the barnyards. All the compost piles have been turned and we now turn our attention to cleaning out the barn. Ah, cleaning out the barn… Will this be the year we actually keep it clean?

In the CSA department…  We’re FULL!! Hurray 😉 Many thanks go to Paige Willis who provided tremendous help communicating with newly registered members. Also, thanks go to Sarah Mohan who helped sort out the pickup locations. I still need to confirm the exact address for the Hintonburg and Britannia pickup locations, as well as determine which pickups will happen on Mondays and which will happen on Thursdays. For now, the Chipworks location is confirmed, as well as Mother Earth Natural Health in Westboro.

If anyone has any ideas on how to create an email list, or an easy way to send out a newsletter to all the members, I could really use some help! Get in touch with me ASAP

I’d like to welcome Ash, our new summer intern! Ash is a sturdy traveler, full of enthusiasm. She also brings a delightful dog named Wiki.

Ash trays

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  1. Paul says:

    Welcome Ash (and Wiki) …

    Best wishes for an enjoyable summer and fun times around the farm


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