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Time to Plan your CSA Pickup!

CSA Pickups Start Next Week
Please verify the following list

I am pleased to announce we are sticking to the schedule outlined in your registration information. Our efforts last fall and this spring have resulted in strong growth in the garden. Crop planning systems are getting sharper, to be sure, but it’s the remarkable improvement in soil quality over the years that makes our job more realistically achievable each spring.

The soil of our garden, its most important asset, has become softer, looser, darker, and not nearly as sticky. Perennial weeds like grass and thistle have become easier to manage, as a new collection of easier to manage, annual weeds begin to thrive. For the first time since my arrival at Riverglen, I feel I am not forcing a freshly turned pasture to accept vegetables. I feel like I am tending a garden.

And so we begin to reap. Please verify the pickup list to ensure your contact person’s name is in the right place. If the information is correct, note your first and last pickup dates and write them on your calendar, agenda, etc. If something looks funny, send me an email.

What to expect 

As usual, we begin the season with a simple selection of tender greens and crispy, zesty root crops. Before you know it, large heads of greens and bunches carrots will be making their way into your bounties. You can expect to sample colourful, heat loving crops by the end of July.

Carolyn is already putting together recipes to include your weekly newsletter, but please send in any personal favourites or any serving suggestions you might have.

For those who are not part of the CSA, you will receive only a few newsletters which contain more important information.

wash station construction
Last minute upgrades to our vegetable wash station

Pickup Location Details
Tuesday Pickups 

Britannia – 3:30pm to 7:30pm

Coordinator: Kevin & Alison

934 Arkell

Follow the driveway to the rear of the house. Bins are on the porch.

Wellington  – 3:45pm to 7:15pm 

Coordinators: Allegra & Chris

50 Garison

Follow the garden path and open the gate to the backyard. Bins are beside the shed

Centertown – 4pm to 7pm

Coordinators: Katie

161 James street

Follow the driveway to the back of the house. Bins are on the deck.

Thursday Pickups

Riverglen Biodynamic Farm – 4pm to 7pm
230 Davidson’s Side Road
Follow the path towards the farm store in the center barn. Please park off the laneway so others may drive around you. Please do not bring animals to the farm and keep your children with you at all times.

Chicken Update
Processing Date has Changed 

Due to the very low number of people raising small flocks, Henderson’s Custom Meats (our butcher) has postponed their first slaughter day of 2012 to June 27th. That means that nobody in the Ottawa area has been able to legally process chickens for sale for over 6 monhts. The lack of processing facilities in Canada is quite simply staggering. The few slaughter houses left to small producers are few and far between. Considering most of them are operated by someone over the age of 65, it’s hard to imagine how we will process our birds in the future without having to drive halfway to Toronto. I guess we haven’t been seeing to many butchers at high school career days…

Sooooo, everyone that has left a deposit for chickens should be prepared to pick up their fresh chickens at the farm on Thursday, June 28th. Store hours will be extended to the entire day in order to best accomodate everyone. Any chickens unclaimed by Saturday afternoon will be frozen and made available to store customers.

broiler coop

We are still taking a few more deposits for fresh chickens. We are expecting birds weighing 5 to 9 pounds at $4.75 per pound, $4.50 per pound for members. Pay a $15 deposit now to help us pay for feed and pay the balance when you pick them up.

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