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The porcupine is back

The porcupine is back. Along with an ancient looking snapping turtle, he is one of the characters that makes a visit to Riverglen Farm once a year. Each spring, in March, he can be seen lurking around the hedgerows, looking for tasty young bark to chew on. One year he was in the drainpipe. Another year he was perched way high in a tree. The minuscule branch he was perched didn’t look strong enough to carry his weight, but it did. He could have been an over-sized Christmas Tree ornament.

This year the dog was the one who found him. Katut has been training to chase deer from the gardens. Chasing can be fun. Groundhogs, foxes, cats… Chasing porcupines is not fun. After a night of coaxing, wrestling and trying, we’ll have to see what the vet can do about this one.

They say a porcupine represents a sense of peaceful satisfaction. The porcupine moves a night, looking for tender, woody growth  to eat. He spends the day lounging in the sun in conveniently located tree tops. He is care-free and content. An encounter with a porcupine might insight a look into one’s own life. Take the time to stop and admire him. In the midst of spring fever, it may be healthy to let the beautiful day slip away once in awhile. If you’re too eager, an obsession over your work could lead to a painful stop.

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