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The last days of summer

Alice pulling cucumber plastic upOur workdays now sometimes span the ever dwindling daylight hours… picking parsley at sunrise then beans at sunset is a great reminder that the end of summer is upon us.  Needing a blanket again for lunch hour naps is also a hint!

Garden work is switching into fall mode.  Some of the summertime plants whose fruits we harvest are no longer bearing fruit.  That means we don’t have to pick them every day.  It also means it is time to pull the plants out and send them to the compost.  The black plastic (biodegradable, corn based) then gets pulled up, also headed for the compost.  Drip tape gets rolled to use another time, and then the garden is ready for compost and being worked with the tractor.

Even though it is fall, we are still seeding more crops each week, planting seedlings into the garden, and weeding.  Some crops stay the same through the fall, other crops are phased out, and some new ones like spinach are starting to grow.  The lettuces are starting to germinate and the onions will soon be ready.  As the fall slows the growth of our garden, the weeds also grow more slowly – at least that’s the theory.  I look forward to seeing it to believe it!



What’s in my Box?

Week No.12


  • Zucchini: Unless the plants perk up again this will be the last week for Zucchini, the cold is starting to slow them down.  As the very first week was Thursday only, this week is Tuesday only. There’s just enough to make a jar of zucchini relish to go with a barbeque dinner later this week when it warms up.
  • Colourful carrots: You’ll notice not all the purple carrots are the same – some have yellow in the middle (dragon variety), others have a more mottled purple skin (purple haze).
  • Radish: A bit of spice is nice!
  • Potatoes: Roasted, fried, mashed, boiled, baked, pancaked…
  • Tomatoes:  Paste tomatoes this week – they have more pulp to less juice and seeds, making them ideal for sauces and salsas.
  • Wax Beans: Yellow coloured beans to much raw, throw into salads, or boil ever so briefly.
  • Scallions: No meal is complete without a relative of onion or garlic.
  • Basil: Spaghetti shouldn’t always require reaching for cans and jars – especially with scallions, tomatoes and basil available!  The black spots that appear on the leaves after a few days are due to the cold. Basil doesn’t like being refrigerated (and it wilts if you don’t put it in the fridge) – so put it in plastic or a crisper in the fridge and use it quickly.


 Paste Tomatoes

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