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  June 4th, 2014
Lots of things to keep track of these days. Everything is moving much faster now with the warm weather and it’s hard to remember every little detail needing careful consideration. Animals, garden, crew, vehicles, store fronts CSA and, hey why not, ME, all have needs and they all need it now, now, now! Careful planning and flexibility is the key to making it through this chaotic time of year.

The brown patch of crumbly, brown dirt out front looks more like a garden with each passing day. With a little sunshine, water and a good dose of hard work, our little patch of dirt reveals its true identity: dark and rich garden soil.

Just about all the crops this year are coming up quite nicely. We’re even managing to keep them tidy and weed free! I guess it pays off to be a little organized 😉

It’s just Charlie and I running the farm these days. After two months of training and getting to know each other, it’s starting to feel more like a team and I’m glad I can count on him help keep important tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Michelle decided to leave us, however, to pursue other projects. I suppose everyone knows it’s hard work and hard pressure to work on a farm, but you never know until you try it if you’ll be able to keep up and stay strong through the good and the bad. It’s an interesting paradox really… I meet so many people who tell me how amazing they think my job is. ”It must be so great to work outside, so rewarding” etc. And yet nobody seems to want to actually do it!

It’s hard to say if we’ll be taking on another intern at this point. My mind is having trouble swallowing the concept of re-training someone from scratch at this busy, fast paced point in the season. Maybe I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for good WWOOFers!

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