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Spring Update

harvesting poo
Harvest season has begun! – Chicken poo makes veggies grow 😉

Spring Update  

Looks like we’re in for another dry spring. Not much snow to melt and lots of dry, sunny days are making for a relatively mud-free melt season. That and the drainage improvements on the property are paying off. At least we were blessed with a month of March this year. It seems like we skipped from February to May last year… Hurray for working in the sun with a good jacket and no gloves, moving fast on frozen ground.

Clear, crisp weather like this is perfect for cleaning out the manure pits in the chicken coop, replacing the roof on our house (Thanks NCC!!) collecting firewood, clearing overgrown brush, patching the barn roof and cleaning up the yard.


We’ve got a new puppy at the farm and she’s been gobbling up alot of our attention. Thuja is only 8 weeks old, but she is already very well behaved and a delight to have around. We will see other new animals on the farm this spring: Lana the cow and her newborn calf will be joining us from Alpenblick Farm soon, and a flock of American Buff geese are due to arrive in April, along with Wyandotte, Brahma and Orpington day-old chicks.


Intentional Eaters Update

All is on track concerning the Intentional Eaters CSA. All weekly produce boxes are sold, payment has been received and pickups are sorted out. Once again, pickups at Riverglen, Chipworks, and now Yoga&Tea, will be on Thursdays. Pickups at Britannia, Westboro, Wellington and Centertown will be on Tuesdays. Tuesdays seemed to work better for everyone in previous years, so we’re going back to that format.

You will have the chance to confirm your pickup location soon, and the exact address/pickup time for each pickup location will be shared at that time. 

Thuja puppy

Buy, buy, buy!
This is the time of year I truly appreciate operating a CSA. Although a considerable amount of effort, it makes me feel confident and optimistic to have a group of people willing to trust in my abilities to supply them with food.

In case you may be wondering, here are a few examples of what I used your money for this year. CSA funds allow me to: purchase seeds, order seedlings, put a deposit on a greenhouse, pay my taxes, buy Quickbooks, purchase a new Jang Clean Seeder, soil block makers, garden tools such as hoes and a flame weeder, tractor parts, row cover and irrigation lines, place an order for day old chicks and buy a cow and calf. Oh, and groceries. Can’t forget those! I’ve spent nearly $20 000 on supplies already this year and the ground isn’t even soft enough yet to let a shovel through. Thank you!

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