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Snow, Seeds and Chickens

Here we are thinking about spring again. Well, we’ve been thinking about spring for a while now, but it’s getting time to put those thoughts into action.

The garden planning is complete and seeds are ordered. Livers have been detoxed, minds have been expanded with the help of new books and workshops… Plus we have two more calves! Our small heard is growing slowly. Until we can have our own meat, we are working with another local farm to have beef available at our farm store this summer.

We have lots of garlic left in storage. Stop by the farm on March 9th to purchase a supply; you’ll need it to fight off late winter colds and prepare your body for the spring.

For those considering a weekly box, remember our new features:
-Up to three deliveries can be cancelled and credited to your account
-Sign-up for only the months you want

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We’re excited to announce chicken season is open! Our first two batches of chickens of the year have been ordered and our fantastic new online system allows you to place a reservation quickly and easily. Just click the link below to get started!

Our chickens eat certified organic ration from Homestead Organics from day one. After a few weeks in a brooding area, they are moved onto pasture, after which they are only confined to their simple shelter at night or during extreme weather.

One share equals one chicken. Order more shares to if you want more chickens.

July chickens must be picked up from the farm on Thursday the 4th or Saturday the 6th.

August chickens must be picked up from the farm on Thursday the 15th or Saturday the 17th.

Please note pickup days may change according to abattoir availability. Skewed government regulations and a comodity driven market has forced small abattoirs out of business. Slaughter dates are becoming few and far between and may be cancelled by the abattoir at the last minute. We realize this is an inconvenience and we are engaged with our trade associations to request support from the provincial government for small abattoirs. Please express your concerns to your local mpp. For those looking to invest, most small abattoirs left in Ottawa are operated by seniors who are looking to retire and sell their business.

Riverglen Biodynamic Farm
Farmstore Open:Like us on Facebook
March 9th, 2013
Saturday: 9am-4pm

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