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Snow is melting and CSA is filling

Greetings, from a sunny and cheerful farm!

It is absolutely marvelous out here. A full week of sun has already begun to reveal patches of brown, yellow and even green! As much as we can all appreciate the warm weather, the chickens are extra happy. After two or three months of beeing cooped up (literally) they have started their daily excursions up and down the barnyard.


I hope this early thaw will help dry out the barnyard, which will make an early start to spring clean-up an easy task. And if this weather holds up there could even be crops in the ground by month’s end!

My thanks go out to all those who have already submitted their registration forms. The group is already more than half full, but there are still 2010 harvest-shares available. Joining a CSA is a great way to help sustain a local, sustainable food system in Ottawa.

My seeds are on their way, and the crop list this year is very exciting! I’m looking forward to a larger variety of hardy greens and herbs, more broccoli, more onions, multi-coloured salad tomatoes, almost all open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, and no conventional seed whatsoever.

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2010 Registration Package

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