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Are you getting about ready to eat garden-fresh produce? Because I sure am! We’ve been sampling a few early garden treats and it’s a truly refreshing change from supermarket selections.

We’re breaking the ice this Saturday by offering you multi-coloured salad mix, rhubarb, lovage and nettles. If you’re planting your own garden, consider taking home a few cabbage starts as well. We’ll even have some of our all beef sausages.

Fall Beef
More beef packages for sale

We’ve been moving the herd through our pastures for almost a month now and things are going quite smoothly. The cattle get a fresh section of grass every two days and are packing on weight fast.

We’re making available another half dozen 40lbs boxes so we can buy an other two animals. The first ones sold out fast so be sure to snap these up while they last!

These 40lbs boxes sell for $390 and include about half ground beef and half steaks and roasts, all from the most juicy and tender meat we can offer. I can take it right to your door or you can pick it up at the farm.

CSA Update
When do my veggies start?

And other popular questions…

Want to know when your first pickup date is? Where to go? How to get there? Are there any options I can add to my subscriptions?

Find the answers to these questions and more by:
1-Check the confirmation email you were sent upon registration
2-Login to your account.

If you have any more questions, be sure to send me an email. Just a few more weeks to go!!

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