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Season Extension

Longer CSA Season
There are 52 weeks in a year and most of us eat food during each of those weeks. That’s why I’m stretching the regular produce box from 17 weeks to 20 weeks in 2011. A variety of season extension techniques will be used to acheive this. I aim to put up a small heated greenhouse over the summer, as well as several unheated poly tunnels to create protected micro-climates for cold loving plants.

Extended Fall Option
I am now offering 20 members to extend their weekly produce box service by 5 more weeks! For an additional $100, you will receive a smaller (valued at $20 per week), weekly fall bounty from October 31st to November 28th. This will consist mostly of tender and hardy greens like lettuce, kale, cabbage; fall root crops like turnips, radish, potato, onion; and squashes. There is a limited number of spaces available so don’t delay if you would like to add this option to your weekly produce box. Your fall bounty will be reserved once I receive full payment. (I need the cash now to help pay for the greenhouse)

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Remember there are still weekly produce boxes available! Most of you heard about this through a friend or colleague, and I still think it’s not only the best way to get the word around, but also to create a meaningful community. I even have posters you can put up in a visible location if you like. Just get in touch with me and I’ll email it to you. You can also get the registration package by e-mailing me, or by following this link.




PS Check out this article by Lynda Hall and consider joining the project


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