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Rubber boots

Sometimes I’m somewhat overwhelmed for the amount of information requested from City folk about farming. I often am at a loss as to where to start. Recently I was asked what the first thing someone who was getting into farming should do. The one, first, thing…

Feeling funny, I started to compose my reply: The first thing someone should d, when considering starting a small farm, is buy a good pair of boots. It thought this person might not appreciate the sarcasm so and decided on a different strategy.

But I got to thinking, and maybe that wasn’t such a dumb answer after all. A good pair of work boots is critical to success on the farm. Or maybe three! Light runners, sandals, steel toes and of course, rubber boots. Where would a farmer be without his rubber boots? Walking through muck and snow, due soaked grass, wash station chaos, or right into the ditch. The wise farmer chooses his boots well.

I retired my rubber boots yesterday. They were my first real nice pair of gum boots. Not the cheapo, flat chunk of plastic with a sort of generic, plastic top hat. No, no, no. That won’t do. These were nitrile rubber outsoles, natural rubber, ergo-molded uppers, shock absorbing mid-sole, neoprene lined, re-enforced toe cap… Oh yes, these were badass.

But an axe puncture, chainsaw gash, shovel stab and barbed wire snag later they have reached the end of their patched, glued and duck taped life.

Farewell boots!


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