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Riverglen will not attend ‘Loblaws presents’ Feast of Fields

I am sad to say that Riverglen Biodynamic Farm has also pulled out of Feast of Fields for similar reasons. I am happy that Loblaws is supporting Canadian Organic Growers. I would like to see more collaboration between the two organizations at a national level. However, Feast of Fields is a local event, and Loblaws has no place there whatsoever.

I hope the organizers recognize their very large mistake and re-think their sponsorship strategy for next year. I for one, will not attend Feast of Fields as long as it is made a scam publicity stunt for Loblaws.

I offered the Feast of Fields team to hold Feast of Fields on my farm for free. All I asked was that COG Ottawa re-reimburse the cost to keep the event field mowed short. Riverglen is an Ottawa Greenbelt Farm, situated between Nepean and Kanata, 15 minutes drive from downtown. Promoting sustainable agriculture in Ottawa’s Greenbelt would have been a fantastic opportunity for both COG and the NCC.

However, my offer was declined because there aren’t enough bus routes to the farm. Instead of promoting better use of the Greenbelt, a local farm, and keeping costs down, COG decided on Lebreton Flats and Loblaws. I’m very disappointed.

Once again, I applaud for Loblaw’s exceptional commitment to providing a certified organic line of products. But they are not local, Ottawa products. Feast of Field (organized by COG-Ottawa, not COG-national) is an event celebrating food production in Ottawa. Not BC, not even Ontario. Ottawa. Period.

If Feast of Fields is to be an event about the global food industry, organics all over the nation and all over the world then sure, bring on Loblaws, Metro, Pro-Organics and the other wholesalers, bring on the trucking companies, the Chilean nitrite miners, the plastic container manufacturers, the certifiers… Lets bring them all in and make it a big organic trade show!

But Feast of Fields is going to be about people in Ottawa doing the best they can to produce and serve good food that is from Ottawa, then please leave the whole global/national organic drama out of it… please… just this one time…


David Burnford

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