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Riverglen Farm Store Opens this Saturday!

 Every Saturday: 9am to 6pm

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This weekend we are open for business! We have fresh spinach, scallions and parsley to offer as well as chicken and duck eggs.

Our birds range free in our barnyard, pastures and woodland. They also eat certified organic feed. A solid intake of sunlight, bugs, greens and organic supplements means their eggs have large, bright yellow yolks packed full of nutrients and exquisit taste. Duck eggs are the same size, but the yolk is much larger in proportion to the albumen (white part). Their taste is slightly richer.

Eggs from our small flock are not washed, bleached, radiated or graded. Egg cartons contain an assortment of sizes, and you are encouraged to rinse your eggs before cracking.

See you on Saturday!

PS Please leave your dog at home or in the car, and park in a manner that others can drive past your vehicle.

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