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Riverglen Farm Store Closed for Season

Saturday, November 27th marked the last day customers could drive off Carling avenue and purchase vegetables at our trial farm store. I feel very pleased, having managed to keep a modest farm stand going so late into the season. This will hopefully mark a trend. Season extension is becoming a top priority, so we can provide the Ottawa community with fresh garden vegetables for longer and longer periods of the year.


On farm sales have now ceased for the season, but will resume in the spring. I expect to see the first greens in April, so keep an eye on the website and on the roadside for news of an upcoming opening. As plans are drawn for next year, please communicate any comments or suggestions you may have. Tell us what you’d like to see at your neighbourhood farm store.

About half of the available weekly produce boxes for next year have already been reserved. Be sure to send in your registration form and your deposit to secure a weekly bounty of fresh garden produce. 2010 members, you can look forward to a survey coming your way during the winter months. I want to know what you thought of the vegetables and your CSA experience in general. CSA members get a say in regards to what they get in their weekly bounty.

For now, energy on the farm is concentrated on fix-up and clean-up. The laneway and the barnyard have seen significant improvements. Equipment is going in the barn, which gets patched and re-organized. Keeping water, stored vegetables and living creatures from freezing is becoming more of a chore everyday, but all systems are working well. We’re off to a great start for winter.

Simon arbre

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