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Riverglen Equipment Liquidation

Hello farmers, gardeners and assorted keeners,

You may have heard by now that I have decided to leave Riverglen Farm this spring, and pursue my farming career elsewhere. Farming all alone in the suburbs has taken its toll on me and I am looking forward to getting a little more out of town and working within a team.

I am currently researching and applying for interesting positions on a sustainable/organic farm this summer. My requirements are fairly modest and a simple, minimum-wage, worker position will do. That being said, I believe I could also be an asset to a farm business with a bit more momentum who is looking for someone with enough knowledge and experience to take on some kind of management or lead role. I am happy to work with produce or livestock, or a combination of both. For the time being, I am not interested in starting my own enterprise in a new location. If you have such a position available, or know of someone who does, please let me know or pass on my information.

As for Riverglen, the NCC plans on marketing the property starting this February. They can be very challenging to work with, and have a pretty skewed view on ”supporting farmers”. Nevertheless, this is a 100 acre, almost river-front property with a 4 bedroom house and outbuildings, smack in the middle of Ottawa suburbia. Riverglen has a good following of loyal members and customers, all wondering where they will be buying their food this year. Not to mention the hoards of suburbanites that commute right by the farm every single day. I believe the right people could make a very decent living here, as long as they were well financed, capable of investment, ready to work with the NCC, and flexible enough to consider alternative income systems like Air BnB, camping, workshops, events, etc.

I do not plan on leaving any ”presents” to the NCC, as I feel I have already paid them more than my fair share for the use of their property, but I would be happy to bequeath and/or sell at a reasonable price my equipment and infrastructure (or farm business as a whole) directly to a new team of farmers, should they wish to take on tenancy at 230 Davidson’s Side Road. As I mentioned, the NCC hopes to have new tenants on the farm as early as this spring, and I am happy to accommodate the transition as best I can.

Everything must go!!! Realistically, I assume most of my equipment will be liquidated piece by piece to an assortment of interested parties. I have therefore included a link to a google spreadsheet, which inventories all available items and will be updated as it evolves. Please feel free to share this link to others you feel might be interested, and don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, pictures, details, whatever. It’s tricky to price some of this stuff, but hopefully it all eventually makes its way into happy hands and keeps on being useful.

I can’t express how much my experience here has shaped me as a person, and I am grateful to everyone who helped me along the journey. Here’s to the next chapter, more great experiences, more knowledge, and many more years working and playing outside.

Thank you,

David Burnford

The link to the google spreadsheet is:


Let me know if you don’t do the whole google thing and would prefer a static copy.

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5 responses to “Riverglen Equipment Liquidation”

  1. Tyler says:

    Would you consider 10,000 for the JohnDeer with mower, snow blower and auger?

    • david says:

      What if I throw in a massage and a summer’s worth of diesel with that as well! No. Come on man, reasonable offers only please…

  2. Mike Cooke says:

    Hi David, Im interested in a bunch of items, any chance I could stop by in the coming days? Easier than emailing back and forth perhaps. It’s late now, so I’ll try and call in the morning, but thought Id at least leave a quick note. Thanks so much, Mike

  3. Michel Pariseau says:

    if you can send me a static copy please via email

  4. azmrl says:

    the value of a tractor is also based on year and hours of use.

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