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Rally to Help Save Beaver Pond Forest

This is from a group of people who wish to save a section of forest between Beaverbrook and the South March Highlands. It’s a very beautiful, very old section of forest which could help create links into the past and preserve some of Ottawa’s nautural history.

This is a rally to demand that the City of Ottawa, National Capital Commission (NCC), or Province of Ontario step up and do their job: order Urbandale/KNL to prevent all cutting and blasting of the Beaver Pond Forest at least until spring. This is for ecological, archaeological, cultural and humane reasons. All levels of government could halt development based on new evidence that the archaeological assessment needs to be redone. But the City isn’t taking responsibility. The province isn’t taking responsibility. The NCC isn’t taking responsibility. So we are going directly to City Hall and the NCC to remind them that the greed of one company should not trump the long-term Public Good. It is their job to make the City of Ottawa a better place to live. For us now, and for future generations.

We need to convince NCC and the City it is better for everyone that they spare the most ecologically sensitive part of Ottawa. They must respect the requests of the local community and Algonquin communities to do a full archeological assessment of possible medicine wheels and artifacts.

PLAN (13 Jan 2011)
– 12pm (noon): Assemble at City Hall at the Human Rights Monument
– Bring your own signs, we also have some made which will be used in a subsequent Activist Art show (first come, first served 😉
– statements will be read, letters delivered, songs shared. We will march to the NCC Office at 40 Elgin Street, past their Info Ctr across from, Parliament Hill, and end back at City Hall. Exact schedule TBA.
– Be musical (bring instruments & noisemakers!)
– Main Message to City Hall, NCC, & Province: Take Responsibility! Do the Right Thing: Save Beaver Pond Forest!

“Some twelve thousand years ago the South March Highlands where the Beaver
Pond Forest is found was an island surrounded by the waters of the ice age
created Champlain Sea. As the water receded, a rich and fertile land
renewed its relationship with the winds. The birds, insects, animals and
people living on the highlands at that time carried the seeds of trees and
also pollen of the island’s plant life further and further into their
ever-widening territory.” – Algonquin elder Albert Dumont

he developers are set to destroy the forest in order to build a subdivision any day. The commencement of destruction is immanent – we need to take a stand NOW!

About the Forest: http://www.ottawasgreatforest.com/
and http://www.southmarchhighlands.ca/

Community voices:http://the5thc.blogspot.com/

Details on inadequate environmental assessment & storm waster management plans: http://renaud.ca/wordpress/?p=716

Write to:
Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa, Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca
Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, dmcguinty.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org
Marie Lemay, Chief Executive Officer of NCC, marie.lemay@ncc-ccn.ca
Michael Chan, Ontario Minister of Culture, mchan.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org
Peter Evans, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister for Culture, Peter.Evans@ontario.ca
Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, cbentley.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org
Gordon O’Connor, Federal Cabinet Minister and MP for Kanata, oconng@parl.gc.ca
Norm Sterling, MPP for Kanata, norm.sterlingco@pc.ola

Also write to the developers to hold off further development of the Beaver Pond Forest and do a full archeological assessment of the area:
Urbandale: mjarvis@urbandale.com -(613) 731-6331- http://urbandale.com/corp
Richcraft: info@richcraft.com – 613-739-7111 – http://richcraft.com/
(more at http://www.ottawasgreatforest.com/Site/Contact.html)

Petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Do-Not-Cut-Beaver-Pond-Forest-or-SMH/

(Google Map of Human Rights Monument: : http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode&q=110+Laurier+Avenue+West%2C+Ottawa+ON&sll=-19.939706%2C-44.054066&sspn=0.015592%2C0.01929&ie=UTF8&hq&hnear=110+Laurier+Ave+W%2C+Ottawa%2C+Ottawa+Division%2C+Ontario+K2P+2L7&z=16)

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