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Raise The Roof Riverglen

Hello Intentional Eaters Community,


It is I, Steve, the long silent intern counter part to Heather. I am breaking my long silence to bring you all some sad news: summer will be with us for only a scant month and a half more. Yes, it is true. I know, you don’t want to hear this now with the sun high in the sky and the waterways filled with swimmers and boaters. We are at the high point of summer; it is true, but here at Riverglen we are always looking into the future and planning for what will come. What is coming? The cold.


As our wobbly little planet shies us away from the sun our temperatures start to drop. Frost will be here soon enough and our late season crops are already making their way into the soil. We need to do something to save our veggies from standing around in the cold. We need to bring them inside and give them some heat!


And so it is that on Friday August 19th Riverglen will be borrowing some of the summer heat and passing in on to those fall veggies through song and metal framed plastic. Riverglen is putting on a summer folk rock concert! It is time for Raise the Roof Riverglen: Bring Those Veggies in From the Cold! The concert is our summer fundraising drive for our long dreamed of greenhouse. This greenhouse will mean a major extension to our farm season.


The Marni Levitt Collective, a roots/folk/African rhythm inspired ensemble from Toronto, and local folk rockers Ashley Newall and Friends will perform a couple hours of music for us beginning at 20h00 on the 19th. The show is family friendly so kids are more than welcome. The cost of entry is an $8 suggested donation at the door with proceeds going towards the greenhouse and the evenings entertainers.


There will also be a lovely picnic and barbecue before the show, starting around 18h30, featuring Riverglen Veggies and local beef burgers for sale. So come, bring a couple of lawn chairs, an appetite, some beverages (please put them in plastic or metal containers), and enjoy the evening’s entertainment with your farmers. It’s already down on my calendar 😉




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