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Pumped for July!

Canada Day weekend is coming up and we’ve got lots of fresh veg to keep your body happy during those long days in the hot sun. You can pick up your supplies from the store this week; we will be open as usual on Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 7pm, as well as Saturday from 9am  to 4pm.

CSA members get:

Lots of greens! Use greens to make light, satisfying and energizing meals during hot weather. Salads can be simple or elaborate, sides or mains. Hardier greens like kale and beet tops can be quickly sautéed or steamed to accompany your favourite meal.

Salad: Mixed baby greens for an instant colourful salad
Lettuce: Emerald Oak and Bergam’s Green frilly lettuce for stuffing burgers and sandwhiches, making wraps, or looking cool on the plate.
Beet tops: Mixed baby beet tops for a delicious sauté, mixed into a salad, or used like spinach.

Kale: Tuesday and Thursday pickups are alternating between curly green and Lacinato black.
Garlic scapes: twirls of joy! These are the flower buds of garlic. Use them like scallions, whole or sliced thin, in simple dishes to get a little garlic flavour.
Green onions: Bunches of young red and green onions, edible from top to bottom.
Radish: Bunches of bright red radishes. Remember radishes are also great when cooked!

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