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Please Support the Ottawa Farmer’s Market


Act Now!!!!!

The critical vote about Lansdowne Park is happening at City Council within a few hours or less.  The motion that is said to have the greatest chance of winning will probably kill the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.  The developer would have control of all of Lansdowne Park and has shown very little interest in the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.  We attended the day long deliberations at City Hall on Monday.  The outcome is a motion that will give away control of Lansdowne Park.  This means the developer will be able to charge very high rent and probably require each vendor to pay a percentage of their sales as well and charge for parking.  We will not be able to survive that.

We need a lease for parking lot # 4 directly from the City for the same timeframe as the City contracts with the developer.  We should also have the right to use the Aberdeen Pavilion in the future.

Please e-mail your City Councilor right away to express your concerns. (list below)

This may be our last chance!


PLEASE Bcc terauds@magma.ca when you send your message!



Andy Terauds



Mr Alex Cullen,

You may remember visiting Riverglen Farm last summer in support of our efforts to sustain this heritage farm. We are greatly expanding operations this year, and are involving even more people from the community. Over 100 adults, and their children, are taking part in our Community Shared Agriculture program, and we regularly play host to various community groups such as schools to give them a chance to see where their food comes from.

I am writing about the current debate over the future of Lansdowne Park. We are counting on making a majority of our revenue by bringing certified Biodynamic produce to market on Thursdays and Sundays. Many farmers are joining this growing market because of its excellent location and because it is so carefully managed by a committee of dedicated individuals with a clear and organized vision.

It has come to our attention that the future of the Ottawa Farmer’s Market may be in jeopardy. Regardless of how the City of Ottawa decides to administer Lansdowne Park, I believe that the Ottawa Farmer’s Market is quickly becoming an extremely valuable asset to the neighbourhood, to the City in general, and to Ottawa’s agricultural community. Every effort should be made to ensure people in Ottawa can continue to access high quality local produce, meats and crafts in a convenient location which is equipped with appropriate facilities.

It might also be worth adding that the Aberdeen pavilion is a key component of Ottawa’s agriculture history. Since there is such a strong, concerted effort to re-enstate it as a central meeting point for local agricultural commerce, it only makes sense to support such an initiative.

Thank you in advance for taking the issue of Food Sovereignty in Ottawa seriously. I think we can move Landsdowne in a new, creative direction while preserving its role as described by the Ottawa Farmer’s Market Association.


David Burnford
Riverglen Biodynamic Farm

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