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Please help us keep our costs down so we can keep farming

Good rainy day to all! Isn’t it great?
You the soil really needs moisture when we get 10 mm of rain and not a single puddle forms anywhere on the farm. The pastures, turf areas and our cover crop of oats and peas will do much better now.

The dry weather has been nice at this time of the season, however. Sun helps the crops ripen and the compacted soil lets us walk around with our carts to haul in the bounty.

As promissed, I’ve put together a list of things you can do to help us along our journey. Check it out and keep us posted.

Keeping Costs Down
Want to help? This is how

Living off the land, living a sustainable lifestyle, homesteading… Call it what you will, but starting the process is still incredibly energy & ressource intensive. Especially when it involves re-habilitating a delapidated heritage farm in the process. I know this may seem like a contradiction.

When basic systems are in place, this a truly rewarding and sustainable way to live, but it takes time and ressources to get there. Our ancestors made farming work because a working farm was passed on through the generations. Or it was sold to another farmer. In any case, it usually wasn’t diched for 50 years, stripped of any kind of recognizable equipment and facilities, and then rented out to a newbie.

Starting a farm is very expensive, and without home equity, we cannot convince banks or credit agencies to loan us startup capital. Overdraft, credit cards and family loans can only get us so far…

Every year our systems become more efficient at yielding quality produce using fewer ressources. We’re getting better. That helps a great deal, but it isn’t proving to be enough. We need to improve our systems faster than creditors and utility companies can charge us interest. Otherwise we just keep turning round and round in circles, paying for Mister Banker’s condo in Florida.

In order to free up investment capital and to enable us to secure the equipment and infrastructure to make this operation sustainable, we need to do everything to cut costs. Sounds familiar, eh? As customers, you are already helping us a great deal by purchasing our products. Because of you, our income covers all our expenses.

I hope you’ll forgive my audacity, but I would like to ask for your help to get us off the ground. Please help us push some momentum into this old farm so it lives again.

To give you ideas, I’ve prepared a list of things you might have available to spare. Some of the requests are big. Some of them are small. But please take a look. This is a tough gig and we really could use the help.

Household Items

Keep us in mind when you are renovating your home, cottage, camper… We can use all that stuff that still works but doesn’t match your new look! We’ll use it to fix our outdoor facilities such as kitchens, barns, machine shop, wood shed, farm store…

Our new sign, painted by a friendly student

-sinks, doors, windows, tables, counters, cabinets, shelving
-un-needed building lumber
-interior and exterior paint
-outdoor electrical wiring and supplies, plastic pipes, gates
-Rubbermaid containers, folding tables and chairs, buckets
-pickup truck, trailer
-size 34×34 work pants

Tools & Equipment

Are you preparing to auction off all of uncle Bob’s farm equipment before selling his farm or turning it into a wedding hall? Tired of looking at that old machinery behind your cottage? Maybe your neighbour is? Give us a shout! We can use an old:

-disk plow, furrow plow, cultivator, hay bailer, manure spreader
-sickle-bar mower, bush hog mower, log splitter, seeder, garden tractor
-shovels, pitch forks, wheel barrows, carts
-grain bin, water trough, sheet metal roofing, asphalt roofing
-wire fencing, electric fencing, barbed wire, fence posts, gates


Everyone’s good at something, sometimes even many things. Are you willing to share your talent? Do some work pro bono? Give us a good deal on something? Trade a service for some of our vegetables? Are you good at:

-painting signs
-building/reparing/renovating barns and sheds
-farm business accounting
-vehicle, tractor or small machines mechanics
-organizing workshops
-translating websites
-replacing zippers on pants

Did I forget anything?

Got anything you think we could use? Let us know. Don’t worry about offending us by offering us your garbage. Our pride was left at the gate a long time ago. We might take it, we might not. Either way it’s real appreciated!

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