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Pickup No.2

Last week’s pickup went remarkably well. Thanks for doing your homework and arriving prepared and at the right times. Way ta go! 😉 The checklists for Centertown and Wellington pickups have been re-swapped, and you will be able to check your names while picking up your vegetables. Remember bi-weekly folks: pickup if the box is blank and do not pickup if the box is crossed off.

How to pickup your veggies

pickup demo
Remember to bring your own bag, box or baske

Blue Rubbermaid containers will be left at each pickup location. Each bin contains one type of vegetable. Choose one portion per item. Sometimes it’s a bunch, sometimes it’s a bag, and sometimes the items are packed loose and you have to count out a specific number.

Look for the checklist. Find your name. Check the box. This helps everyone stay on track and helps us deal with any irregularities. A list of this weeks veggies can be found with the checklist to help you make sure you have the correct number of items.

Then What?   Your veggies will do best if you get them to a fridge as soon as possible. Any greens that look a little wilty from the car ride can be soaked in a bowl (or sink) of cold water for a few minutes or regain their perkiness.



This weeks vegetables include…

Lettuce: The first of our head lettuce is ready. Some of it was nipped by the heat last week, but they’re in great shape otherwise. spring onions

Spring onions: Fresh, chubby spring onions can be used from top to bottom

Radish: Many people don’t realize you can cook radishes just like any other root vegetable. They loose most of their hotness that way. Check out the recipe bellow or the recipe found on one of our member’s blog

Fresh herbs: Your choice of oregano, thyme, sage or parsley

garlic scapesGarlic Scapes: Flower buds of the garlic plant. Use these like scallions and enjoy fresh garlic taste.

Turnip: These pink turnips are mild, cook quickly and have delicious greens. chard top

Swiss chard: This hardy green is edible from top to bottom and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and great taste. Cook them lightly on their own or include them in your favourite recipes.

Beets: First beets of the season. Edible greens are used just like swiss chard and delicious tender roots.

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