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During the month of May, Riverglen Farm will be hosting special guests. A group of creative and energetic cyclists known as Otesha will rehearse their antics on our stage for one week, in preparation for their Canadian tours. I am very excited to co-operate with bicycle enthusiasts who wish to help others take charge of themselves in order to make our little planet a greener place to live.

Otesha bike gang

Un rêve, né au Kenya, est devenu une organisation de jeunes optimistes qui s’unissent sous le Projet Otesha. Otesha, qui signifie “raison de rêver” en Swahili, fut créé pour inciter et motiver notre génération d’agir pour un avenir viable. Il est fonde sur deux principes : il existe des alternatives à la surconsommation si dominant dans notre société, et que chacun d’entre nous peut avoir un impact positif, tous les jours.

Les programmes d’éducation et les caravanes cyclistes d’Otesha utilisent des formes de théâtre, multimédias, marionnettes, et contes pour attirer des auditoires variés. Ils nous invitent à ré-évaluer nos choix quotidiens et de demander dans quel avenir on veut vivre – réfléchir à ce qui nous est réellement nécessaire, conserver nos ressources, et voter avec nos dollars. Ils cherchent à souligner toutes les retombées positives que nous puissions favoriser dans nos choix quotidiens, en vivant de façon durable, en changeant le monde, et en s’amusant à folie – tout en même temps!


A dream born in Kenya has become a charitable organization of hopeful young people uniting as the Otesha Project. Otesha, which means “reason to dream” in Swahili, was created to mobilize youth to create local and global change through their daily consumer choices. We believe that there are alternatives to our culture of overconsumption, and that each one of us has opportunities to have positive impacts every single day.

The Otesha Project’s education programs and bicycle tours use theatre, multi-media, and storytelling to engage a wide range of audiences, and have reached more than 72,000 people to date. Otesha’s performances focus on re-evaluating our daily choices to reflect the kind of future we’d like to see – rethinking what we really need, conserving resources, and voting with our dollars. We aim to demonstrate the positive effects our everyday choices can have, by living sustainably, changing the world, and having loads of fun–all at the same time!


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