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November News


Hello again!

It’s nice to be back at the keyboard after somewhat of a hiatus. Did anybody else fall flat on their backs after the last CSA pickup? Luckily it was muddy and the landing was cushy…

Much has happened in the last month or so. We’ve been picking surplus vegetables here and there and packing them away in the basement. A few members have been visiting and participating in a little gleaning. Even the cows, who now have roam of the entire field, have discovered the tasty tops of carrots, kale and broccolli.

Besides putting all the toys away, cleaning up, wrapping up, packing up and battering up all the hatches, there’s a mighty chunk of administration work to do. My understanding, and appreciation, of accounting is once again expanding in leaps and bounds. There’s a pile of wood expanding on the porch and a pile of garbage shrinking in the barn. The chicken coops have been cleaned-out, stack with fresh hay and sealed up for winter. One by one the machines are getting a cleaning, oiling and hanging.

We’re also loosing two very special people on the farm. Jean-Leon and Kristina have moved into their new house on the Quebec side. There’s a big hole left behind which Johann and I are trying to patch up, one step at a time. Over the year and a half that Tina and J-L have been around, they’ve put a tremendous amount of energy into renovating, fixing and upscaling Riverglen. They’re presence will be missed!

But even in the cold and rain, there’s always something about November that is somewhat re-assuring. Amidst the calm crumbling of the delicate structures erected over the summer, there is a sense of returning home. Energies are now clearly directed inward as friends and communities come together to ensure each others’ warmth and comfort. Thank you for your patience as I take some time to settle a few loose ends.

In the coming weeks, you can look forward to a survey with a few feedback questions from myself as well as from our coordination group. You’ll also receive information about next year and how to go about saving your spot for a 2010 harvest-share!

Keep cozy,


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