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May Pt.2 – A brief spot of sun. The rain continues…

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Spring Update pt 2 

 Ok, gotta think of something interesting to start the newsletter besides the weather… oops! I just mentioned it. Yep, it’s wet. Cold. and. Wet… It’s been a slow start for most farmers in the Ottawa Valley, as I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, and I’ve been reluctant to send a newsletter before being able to show you a nice pic of the crew working out in the garden. Last week my wish was granted. For the first time in the spring of 2011, we got sun. Now I don’t mean: ”Oh, it’s been raining for a week straight so I’m extra happy to see a little sunshine poking between cloudy periods”. Nah, I mean one solid week of full day sunshine and a dry breeze: Three days to dry out the fields(sort of), three days to plough and till, and one day to plant. We made it!

barn wind
Windstorm at Riverglen

Not too early either. Field seeding this year is about 4-5 weeks later than last year, and 3-4 weeks later than on a typical year. Considering a wet fall meant the fields were never ploughed in the fall… Ok, enough weather talk.

On to cleaning up the shop, the barn and welcoming the crew. Three solid pairs of hands, eager to hone their skills on the farm this season. Heather, Steve and Shawn have all settled in and are ready for their 6 month stay. I’m sure you will be meeting soon.

Intentional Eaters Update

Open House / Orientation Dayhoneybee kale
Are you itching to see Riverglen Farm this spring? Perhaps for the first time? Do you want to meet the people who are entrusted with its care? Then be sure to drop by the farm on Saturday, June 4th. We invite you to participate in a tour of the farm and a brief meeting. Whether it is your first year with the Intentional Eaters CSA or you just want to catch up, please attend our first Open House of the year. The crew and I will show you our gardens and introduce you to the many critters who make up the Riverglen community. We’ll get started around 1pm and hang out for an hour or two. 

Saturday, June 4th.
1pm to 3pm

You are welcome to arrive early or linger later. Take your time to explore. Bring a picnic if you like. Just remember to please keep your children close and leave the dog at home or in the car.

Egg cartons

Oh, and one last thing! We collect clean, cardboard egg cartons to re-use. Please bring them by the farm if you get the chance. And we need to replace the riding mower. Nah, just kidding. But really, we do… 😉

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