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Yes, it’s that time again. Perhaps its the frost we had over the weekend, or perhaps it’s my squeaky old car aching to be replaced by a farm truck before winter but… It’s registration season! With only 5 weeks left, this is your chance to make sure this happens again next year. Box sales through the CSA ensure an even cashflow for the farm, saving us hundreds of dollars in interest. It also lets us know you appreciate the care we put into your heritage Greenbelt farm and helps us better organize for next year.


Once again, returning members get to enjoy significant early-bird discounts this fall. This reflects the increase in efficiency that happens when systems are developed, cared for and improved over time. Your sustained participation helps us focus on managing the farm to produce better food at a better price. These early-bird discounts are our way to thank you for your continued patronage, your constructive criticism and your contagious enthusiasm. You’ll notice the base price for both weekly and biweekly boxes has also been reduced.

An end of year summary and survey will be sent out with the last weekly pickup. Until then, as always, you are welcome to email or call with comments and/or suggestions. Thanks!


Registration Form 2012

FOF beans
Bean Salad by chef Trish Larkin – Black Cat Bistro – with Riverglen wax beans, french beans, basil and scallions

What’s in my Box?

Week No.14


  • Lettuce: It’s back! Another round of head lettuce for your own personal enjoyment… Ok, you can share with a friend if you want.
  • Radishes: Just kidding, no radishes. We’re taking a break from radishes, but look forward to a ‘Valentine’s Day’ blend and daikon radishes later this fall
  • Garlic: Another taste of our B-grade garlic. This year, every single A-grade bulb is going back into the garden. Enough playing around; we need a stronger supply of garlic!
  • Soup celery: Our celery didn’t come up as lush and tender as last year. The drought we experienced mid-summer slowed them down considerably. However, the stalks are still nice to add flavour and crunch to soup or stew, and the tops make excellent stock.
  • Golden Beets: Anyone miss chard? We haven’t had much chard this year and I’ve been hearing mixed reactions. Some happy, some sad. Well, in case you’re missing those hardy greens, check out these golden beet tops! These beet greens are tastier than any chard I’ve ever had. The flavour and texture is delicate enough to be eaten raw in salad, or cooked in the usual way. The beet portion is a little small, but the greens portion is huge!
  • Onions: 2lbs of delicious yellow onions
  • Sweet Peppers: This is the last of them. Their brief time to shine is already over.
  • Hot Peppers: A bit of spice to add to something nice.
  • Parsley: Health super herb

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