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Internship Position Available at Riverglen Farm

Position: 6 month, full-time internship with accommodations and stipend

May 2012 to end of October 2012

*Nous parlons anglais et français sur la ferme


About the farm:

Riverglen is a Demeter certified, biodynamic farm located in the West end of Ottawa’s Greenbelt. Our diverse operation is supported financially by a 3 acre vegetable garden. Most of our produce goes to 70 weekly CSA boxes and we also sell from our own farm store, at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market, and to Rainbow Natural Foods store. Other products sold at our farm store include eggs from 100 free-range hens, chicken from 300 pasture raised birds and honey.

We are currently breeding our small herd of cattle and sheep, as well as our flock of geese, in order to increase our manure supply and offer a variety of meat products from our farm store. Ruminants spend their summer on pasture and feed on our own hay during the winter.

We are also developing a small, 3/4 acre, permaculture orchard where 80 young fruit trees are grown along with a variety of shrubs and medicinal/edible perennials.

Interns take part in:

-Vegetable production: Planting, cultivating, weeding, mulching, harvesting, packing and distribution

-Animal husbandry: Daily feeding and care of animals, grazing management and hay gathering

-Fertility management: Collection and composting of manure and other organic matter, applying biodynamic preparations

-Farm Maintenance: Repairs and renovations to our heritage barns, fencing, access ways and landscaping

-Monthly visits to neighbouring farms

Farm life:

Be prepared for a Tuesday to Saturday work week, with 8 to 10 hour work days. We like a long lunch break, and take turns cooking for the rest of the team. Breakfast and supper are up to you to prepare for yourself, or organize with other team members.

Interns have a private bedroom in our farmhouse, and enjoy their own fully equipped kitchen in the barn. A trailer provides common space for relaxation and an outdoor hot shower is available at all times. Laundry facilities are available in the farmhouse, as well as internet access.

Interns can use farm products and staples from our well-stocked pantry to cook meals from themselves. A weekly stipend of $100 is provided and an energetic, productive and cheerful team earns an end-of-season bonus to help transition into other projects.

How to apply:

Tell us a little about who you are, a few of your goals and what kind of experience you have.



230 Davidson’s Side Road

Ottawa, ON

K2K 2Z4


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