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Intentional Eaters Important Update

Hi folks,

I’m very happy about all the enthusiasm we’ve been receiving already. Only a couple weeks into recruitment and registration forms are pouring in! Thank you for your quick response. I look forward to meeting the newcomers!

Pickup Day Has Changed to Wednesday

Please not that our pickup day has changed to Wednesday. This will allow us much more time to recover from Sunday at the market so we can provide you with a fantastic bounty of veggies every week. I sincerely apologize about this last-minute change, but it is inevitable.  We hope you can accommodate a Wednesday pickup into your schedules. Rest assured, you will appreciate the extra effort!

Downtown Pickup Location

My inbox is full of your questions,  so I can tell you are all buzzing with the same anticipation as I am. Many people are curious about a downtown pickup. We do not have a location secured yet, but it’s in the works. Since this is a community project, someone needs to step up to the plate and host a pickup location. All it takes is an out of the way location to leave boxes of vegetables for a couple hours. Get in contact with me ASAP if you’re considering the idea, and we can talk it over.

Biweekly Harvest-Shares

Many people have expressed their desire to make a smaller commitment to the group. The ideal situation is to partner with friends and split the food. However, this doesn’t always work out. We’re therefore pleased to offer biweekly introductory harvest-shares! For $300 you will receive a full-size bounty once every two weeks. This should give you plenty of time to get through the veggies before the next batch comes in.
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