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Intentional Eaters CSA on Video

 It was a hot day. Maybe the hottest of the summer. Actually, I think it was. CSA members were experimenting with one of the first pickups of the season, and I was experimenting with my bike trailer. Lynda Hall and Ben Walker do a splendid job capturing a few moments in a day at Riverglen Farm during a CSA pickup.

It takes a good dose of effort and organization to get food to all our CSA members. Organsing and implementing pickups, deliveries and providing everyone with clear instructions keeps us very busy during the first few weeks of CSA pickup season. It’s wonderful to see experienced members help out the newer members and help make them feel welcome. Member input really is crucial to the success of this enterprise, even if it’s as simple as holding the door open for the next person in line or saying something like: ”Sure I know what that is, you just give it a quick steam and it’s great!”

Thank you to everyone who appeared in the film. It will be shown here and there at special events, film showings, etc. For more information, or to see other short films, visit www.cog.ca. Let me know what you think!


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2 responses to “Intentional Eaters CSA on Video”

  1. Lynda Hall says:

    Thanks for posting the video David! And thanks again to you and your lovely customers for allowing us to capture a few (hot) moments. We’ve been getting great feedback from other viewers — you’ve been an inspiration!

  2. Sarah Tyrrell says:

    Great video!
    Nice to get a little flashback to summer days at the farm while we’re in the clutches of Old Man Winter 🙂

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