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Intentional Eaters Community Getting Going!

Hi all,

Let me take a few minutes out of the sun to thank you very much for joining the group this year. We’ve sold 55 harvest-shares this over the winter; that’s a group of more than 100 adults plus their children, friends and neighbours. I’m pleased to say that a few members have already stepped forward to organize or to help organize activities to help create a community atmosphere and to make the experience as rich as possible. These kinds of initiatives ensure things like a good orientation session, entertaining potlucks, educational walks and inspirational movie showings. Keep looking at the website for updates of upcoming events, and look forward to news in your inbox. Please let me know if someone you know has been excluded from the mailing list so I can add their e-mail address.


Thank you very much to all the members who paid up their harvest-shares by April 1st. Your timeliness is greatly appreciated! Almost everyone has paid up now, which is great. If you still owe a financial contribution, please mail it in as soon as possible. I’ll be making calls this week to remind you. I did take note of a few things to make the process easier for next year:

I will be creating an electronic invoice template that I can adjust quickly and send them out to you as payment comes in. I hope this will help you send in checks for the right amount. Another problem that came up alot were checks addressed to Riverglen Farm or to Intentional Eaters. Unfortunately, we don’t have a bank account in either of those names and bank tellers give me hell whenever I try to cash in a check that isn’t specifically in my name. For now, it’s important to address all checks to my personal name. However, it’s just a matter of time until we get around to opening an (expensive) business bank account where money can move a little bit easier for both our customers and for Robin and I as business partners.


We’ve confirmed all three of our off-farm pickup locations for the summer. Three very generous parties have offered their personal dwellings as a space for you to pickup your weekly bounties. I will send you more details, but I would like to remind you that food pickup will be every Wednesday with approximate pickup hours of 4pm to 8pm. It will be up to our hosts to fine tune these hours to suit their schedules.

I will be asking everyone to confirm their preferred pickup location in the next few weeks, and I do request that you stick with your pickup location for the entire season. I can accommodate change if you decide to switch half-way through, but I cannot swap you from week to week. Here are the locations for our pickups. Detailed addresses, times and instructions are on the way:

Centertown pickup: Lyonn and Sommerset
Wellington Village pickup: Mayfaire and Byron
Britannia pickup: Elmhurst
Riverglen Farm pickup: Davidson’s Side

Farm Visits

I want everyone visiting Riverglen Farm to feel comfortable in their surroundings and in order to do so, I am offering an orientation session. We are organizing a brief tour of the farm to introduce you to our property, our land, our creatures and our people. For your convenience there will be two timeslots for this session, because it is very important that you attend. I require everyone attend an orientation session before you go exploring the property or pickup your bounty. In other words, for the sake of safety and respect for our private residence, this orientation session is mandatory. You can expect one session to be on the Wednesday prior to the first pickup, and the other to be on a weekend sometime. I will consult with our orientation committee and give you precise times as soon as possible.

How to Contact Us

If you need to contact anyone at the farm, here are a few ways you can do it:

David’s e-mail: david.burnford@gmail.com
Robin’s e-mail: arobint@gmail.com

David’s phone: 613-720-FARM (main contact number, you can leave a message)
Farm phone: 613-721-7063 (shared with house tenants, I don’t check the messages)

Mailing address: 230 Davidson’s Side Road, Ottawa, ON, K2K 2Z4

So what happens if your cell dies with all your phone numbers, your browser deleted all your bookmarks, gmail deleted your past e-mails and you’ve thrown out your membership package?

Try the all-mighty Google search engine! We’re the first link when you type ‘Riverglen Farm’ and the second link when you type ‘biodynamic ottawa’

or try:

Farm website: www.riverglenfarm.ca
The website has phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, news, updates, copies of the membership forms, pictures, etc.
I could use a little help with the website, so please let me know if there is any information that you’d like to see up there, or if anything looks outdated. Since it is a blog-type website, you can post your comments right then and there if you like!

Buy Local Food Guide
You can find all our contact information here, as well as for other farms and farmer’s markets in the Ottawa area

Another website with our contact information, as well as contact for all sorts of Green business in the Ottawa area

I guess that’s all for now. I am very happy to have the group organized and well on its way to a delicious season so I can focus on other very important tasks such as building, seeding and tilling! Enjoy the warm weather and we’ll be in touch soon.



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