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Important News

1- We will no longer be attending Preston Farmers Market. The sales were simply not what we need them to be in order to sustain ourselves. If you are still interested in buying our amazing produce, please visit our Farmstore open every Tuesday and Thursday: 3pm-7pm and every Saturday: 8am-4pm.

2- Eggs will no longer be for sale for 2012, due to extreme weather conditions. This causes us a significant financial blow, since we have been feeding and caring for our birds as usual. However, we believe maintaining our flock of laying hens is worth the effort and we expect to have eggs available for sale in 2013. Perhaps the weather will cooperate with us this time.

3- This has been a very difficult financial year for us, and we have questioned the wisdom of continuing with farming on more than one occasion. Indeed, very few other Canadians decide to make farming their way of life, besides the handful of 50 to 60 year old men who continue to ensure the nation’s food supply despite all their children moving to the city and their neighbours farms being bought up by developers.

After many discussions and re-evaluations of our various projects, we have come to a few conclusions. The first conclusion: We want to keep doing this. This is a good way of life. This is important. This is going to help improve our community. Maybe even the whole world. We are going to keep farming.

Over the rest of the season, you can expect to hear about changes we are making to our business model, new software we will be introducing to help with the management burden, and creative ways for you to support your local, biodynamic farm.

We’re willing to do the ”work every single day, up to 15 hours at a time, for no wage, in every weather condition imaginable, -35C to 45C” part. But we’re going to need help with some of the other parts.

Please stay tuned…

4- It is my great pleasure to post recipes by Esther Ouelet in the newsletter. Esther writes a blog about her culinary adventures and includes a weekly recipe she invents herself, using mostly ingredients found in her box. I am very happy to support her initiative, and I hope you can appreciate her efforts to make all of our lives that much more interesting.

Some readers have commented about the recipes being in french. I believe in a bilingual Canada, which means experiencing both cultures as they are, as opposed translating every printed word.

If an anglophone would like to send in original recipes to include in the newsletter (or any other related content or pictures, for that matter) I will be more than happy to include them within the newsletter.

For the time being, thank you for your patience and for tolerating the presence of the french language within your community.

5- And finally, we will be offering local honey at our farmstore starting this weekend. Sweet!


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  1. Laurie Rennick says:

    Dear David

    It sounds like it has been a very challanging year to say the least, The struggles and endurance it takes to do this work is beyond most peoples comprehention only because they have never had to do this themselves, and I can only appreciate your efforts as to what I have seen since you started. Before this I had no idea of just how labouring this work truly is. That being said I can only ask you to be patient with us anglophones, yes we are a bilingual Canada, true north strong and free (for now) but there are some of us (myself included) that even with taking 10 years of French classes, just never could get the hang of it, Oh I’ve tried and failed every class. So please find it in your heart, forgiveness and love are truly the language of this world. It’s just a recipe! we all just want to be happy.
    Love you as always my friend

  2. Kristie says:


    We love, love, love being able to pick up fresh locally grown vegetables! We are so happy that you guys have decided to continue and you have our full support and will do what we can to help. We think it is extremely important for farming to stay in the hands of real people who care and not some big company who are just in it for the money. That tends to the sociopathic with the use of whatever means possible. So thank you, thank you all for all the work you put in day in and day out. Please know that it is very much appreciated.

    I’m learning French and I like to try and understand the recipes first before I get it translated. But for people who don’t speak French,it is possible for google to translate the recipe page and it’s easy 🙂 I love that there are recipes each week, either language is just fine with this transplanted Kiwi and family! 🙂

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