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Important News and Changes to our CSA

Isn’t spring great!?! Bright sunshine radiating onto green sprouts, tulips and daffodils. Birds chirping in the trees… Just opening a window makes me feel like laughing with joy!


Unless, of course, you’re not dreaming, in which case this particular spring  looks more like this….

It’s kind of crazy to see this much snow on the ground at this time of year. I wonder what spring gardening is going to be like.

But I assure you, we will see nice weather soon. And whether its nice out or not we’ve got work to do and bills to pay now if we want to eat this year. We need your support to make things happen so please don’t forget about us just because it’s icky outside.

Pre-buying bulk beef gets you a much better price then buying separate cuts at the farmstore, and it guarantees we will have food for you when you get here. No need to race out of bed on Saturday mornings, crossing your fingers we won’t be sold out.

Farming requires a tremendous amount of investment with low returns and our credit options are very limited and very much maxed out. I know it may seem strange to pre-pay for groceries, that are so readily available just across the street at the 24h Loblaws, but we believe our product is unique and of incredibly higher quality. It’s better for you, better for the environment, and better for the local economy.

So please checkout our website and put some money forward so we can keep doing our thing and make sure there will be great tasting, fresh, healthy food growing in your community for many years to come.

We need more sign-ups!!!

Important News and Changes to our CSA
Home delivery option is cancelled  

Unfortunately, we haven’t received much interest for home delivery and we need to sell those last few boxes. We will therefore not be offering home delivery this year, and opening up more spots for farm and Westboro pickups.

Check out our Extended Season Option

Remember last fall on the last week of vegetable pickup when you were bummed out about having to buy your veggies at the grocery store again? Remember how you wished you could keep picking up for just a few more weeks? Well this is your chance! Upgrading your subscription to an Extended Season will give you those extra couple weeks in the fall, and one extra week in the spring. Login to your account or send me an email to upgrade your box now. 

Smaller Beef Packages Now Available
A few members have been expressing that 80lbs of beef is a little more than they can commit to at one time, either because of the up front expense, or because it’s simply more beef than they need. We’ve responded by offering 40lbs beef packages.

Spring Beef Packages Now Available
We need to liquidate some assets to free up some money so we are taking two of our older cows to slaughter this spring. Both of these mature, highland cows will make very flavourful, lean meat, and we are pre-selling 80lbs and 40lbs mixed beef packages to cover processing costs. This is the first pure highland beef we are taking to the butcher and there are only a few available so act fast.

Only Two Batches of Meat Chickens this Year
Sign-ups have been a little slow for chickens as well, and without the upfront investment from our members, we can’t afford to buy feed. We’ve therefore had to cancel one batch of meat chickens and re-schedule the other two. Adjustments have been made to your accounts, so be sure to login and very the new dates. There are still a few chickens available to reserve for our second batch, so please sign-up now. 

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