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Hot News for a Hot Spring

We’re Open!!

Our first customers of the season got to take home bags of salad mix, spinach and crisp bunches of radishes on Saturday. We’ve been taking advantage of all the sunny weather this spring and doing a bang up job prepping the soil using our broadfork, compost a

nd tiller and our efforts have been paid off with an early taste of greens. Of course lots more tasty veggies to follow in the next few weeks as different crops start maturing!

For those who purchased weekly vegetables through our CSA, you can expect your first bounty the week of June 20th. Soon! Those of you who chose the extended season option start a week earlier. Sooner! There are only 8 spots left in our vegetable CSA for 2016. Help out Ottawa’s thriving new, local agriculture movement by helping us fill up our vegetable CSA by the end of Local Food Week, June 6th to 12th!

There is:
-1 spot left for farm pickup on Tuesday
-2 spots left for Westboro pickup on Tuesday
-5 spots left for farm pickup on Thursday

There are also still opportunities to purchase bulk beef shares. Our cattle arrived just last week and are enjoying the green pasture. They’re gradually getting used to their new surroundings and by our comings and goings.

There is an increasing amount of attention to the fact that conventional beef farming is a major contributor to climate degeneration, as well being questionable to one’s health. Our regenerative agriculture practices, on contrary, allow a healthy perennial ecology to develop in our pastures, which not only plays a role in sequestering carbon, but provides the best possible nutrition and living environment for our cattle, as well as wildlife.

We’re happy to provide an alternate¬† source of beef which respects animals, and nurtures both a healthy body and healthy environment.

See you soon!

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