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Harvesting, weeding, and throwing a party!


Harvesting Chard & Parsley
An early morning harvest… with everyone at one end of the garden (Steve on chard, David on parsley, Thuja on supervision, and I was in the basil with the camera

Farm life continues on its merry way towards the end of the summer. This week Carolyn returned from holidays to share her smiles and helping hands with us. The geese and ducks enjoyed playing in puddles on a couple of occasions, and we shared their joy when we saw a nice wet garden. We spent all Wednesday weeding in the southern section of the garden: it’s so nice to see it clean and tidy again!


Both tractors are back in service this week – we had a key break in the ignition of the utility tractor, and the walk-behind two wheeled tractor needed some time in the shop. Now there is a fresh layer of compost in one section of the garden, and the green manure (buckwheat) is being ploughed into the fields. The field where the hoop house will go up has been freshly worked, and will soon be ready to plant in!


Barnyard concert
As the dancing started up…

The week ended with our barbeque and concert. We really enjoyed it, and so did fourty or so others who came out. Thank you to CSA members, store and market customers, and friends of the farm for supporting us! We have been busy eating lots of leftover food though, and there is more stashed in our freezers. We had less than half the turnout we were expecting from the various different ways we had advertized the event. This week’s hard lesson seems to have been in event planning…


As the days get shorter, and the mornings cooler, this coming week we will be focusing on adjusting for the end of summer. That also means the fall vegetables are coming soon, yay!



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