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Guard Geese

The geese these days are showing promise as ‘guard geese’, the role they were brought to Riverglen to play. Unfortunately, they seem to be intimidating some of the store customers. I have to say, we’ve never seen or herd of them attacking people. The hissing is new, but it hasn’t changed their general behaviour patterns. While they will follow you with their neck down, I always smile at the floomp floomp of their clumsy feet as they try to move quickly. I’ve never gotten closer than about a metre to them – and that includes when I open the doors to let them in and out of the barns! They won’t actually get too close to you. They will honk, they may fly up to you, they may follow you hissing, but just turn around and look at them. They’ll stop, cock their heads, and wander away as if nothing had happened. They’re fascinating to watch.

Geese Walking Away
If you walk towards the geese, they’ll walk away from you!


After a full season’s training, I found it a challenge to roll up 11 rows of drip tape in a row. I mean really, they’re lightweight (although sometimes heavy with water), and only 200 feet long each. Not amongst the harder tasks at the farm. Oh well. Part of the joy of farm work is that there is a little of everything. The body learns motions and can speed things up only when there’s a lot of a given task, like hoeing, harvesting and hand weeding. I guess I’ll just have to accept that my arms can’t roll too many drip tapes in a row unless I want to start a daily drip tape rolling drill, and I definitely don’t! The worst part would be having to re-lay it each time, carefully around all the plants. Definitely a huge waste of time, and unnecessary wear and tear on the already fragile tapes. Don’t even think about it for next year’s interns David 😉


It is hard to believe that this is your 20th and final basket of vegetables for the year. I send you a fond farewell, and thank you for supporting an amazing learning experience for farm interns.  It is extremely rewarding to interact with the people we are feeding at pick-up day, the market stand, the farm store, or events. Thank you for sharing your smiles with us!






What’s in my Box?

Week No.20

  • Swiss Chard: Hearty greens. Classic, simple, but probably the healthiest thing on this whole list. One of the best things you can do to your body is eat more greens. More greens!
  • Scallions: Fresh, green onions for adding a little zest to any meal
  • Potatoes: Choose between ‘Siegliende’ a german butterball type, or ‘Gold Rush’ a white fleshed russet type.
  • Rutabaga: These are similar to turns, but they are both sweeter and zestier. Heather likes them raw, sliced in thin flakes.
  • Onions: 3lbs or yellow onions. These will keep well in a dry location, so don’t feel rushed to eat them all at once
  • Daikon radish: These are an Asian staple food. The
  • Pumpkin: New England pie pumpkins for making soup, pie or a spooky decoration. Your choice!
  • Golden beats: My favourite kind of beet, by far. They are so much sweeter and milder… Steamed, roasted or boiled. Good in soup too! 😉 I’m curious: Do you prefer golden beet tops or chard?
  • Leeks: Just a few left, but we had enough to share with you!

Well, I guess that’s it! This is the last week of regular CSA pickup. I hope you have enjoyed your vegetables this summer, and that we have provided you with a pleasant CSA experience.


We’ll keep you updated as we wrap up our season, collect your feedback, and prepare for next year, but you can expect to receive fewer emails from us during the colder months.


The gardening season is not over, however! Visit our farm store on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays and browse are surprisingly full display of fall produce. From now until we run out of food, 2011 CSA members get a free bunch of carrots with each purchase!


Members who have purchased a fall extension should keep an eye on their inbox: I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised… 😉 


Thank you!




Joining us again next year?

Here’s a link to the registration form so you don’t miss out on the variety of great produce headed your way: Registration Form 2012  Early bird registration rebates apply until the end of October.

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