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Greetings from Riverglen!

First things first, we’ll see you this Sunday, right?  July 24th at 11am Riverglen is hosting a pot-luck lunch for the Intentional Eaters Community – that’s you, our CSA members!  Come out and meet each other over some good food. We’ll give you a little tour of the farm so you can see how things have changed since you were here last, or welcome you for the first time. Please bring a plate, fork, mug and a favourite dish to share. Try to use ingredients from your baskets in interesting ways – if you didn’t get a particular ingredient this week, try finding it at the market or our farm store. If you want to share, send the recipe to info@riverglen.ca and we’ll compile them on the webpage.  There will be a small prize for the most creatively scrumptious dish so bring out your best!


Beautiful sunshine, and… is Fencelines Tree and Haythat the third windstorm this season? We have to try hard not to bore you with news of the weather, but it plays an important role in daily life at the farm. The sunshine means that the hay has been cut – you can see it in the background here.  It’s nice to see fresh hay lined up for the animals this winter! The storm wasn’t as kind to us as the sunshine. There are now a few trees down on the fences around the farm.



I’d like to introduce Alice, who has been giving us a hand with weeding and harvesting!

We’re keeping up with the seeding, hoeing, weeding, irrigation, harvesting… There are freshly tilled beds to plant fall crops in, and we collected a nice batch of potato beetle grubs. We also got a lovely example of why we’re keeping all the cabbages covered this week. Insects called ‘sweet midge’ found one little section we forgot to put row cover on! They eat the apical meristem (the growing tip of the plant) which essentially halts any further vertical growth. It’s nice to experience the tangible outputs of farm work when we harvest crops, but the mistakes very tangible too. They’re covered up now in hopes that the rest of them will be saved. It might already be July, but the learning never stops at Riverglen 😉


I’m looking forward to seeing you all out on Sunday.





What’s in my Box?

Week No.6

  • Carrots: The first of the season… these ones are orange.
  • Green Onions: While many people call scallions (or bunching onions) ‘green onions’, here are some true green onions – fresh, summer onions with green edible leaves and without dry peals. Typically, onions are left in the field until the leaves dry up. These become the yellow storage onions you are used to seeing. There will be some of those later in the season!
  • Turnip Greens: These tender greens have a delicious taste raw, but they can be very lightly steamed or stir-fried as well.
  • Nappa Cabbage: The last of the Nappa cabbage, we still love it chopped up with an apple cider vinaigrette and a bit of fruit (dried or fresh).
  • Mesclun: Spicy salad mix bags, dress them up as you like.
  • Choice Herbs: The chives are back! Along with lemon thyme and oregano. Choose one bunch.


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