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Green Party Platform Launch

Watch Elizabeth May introduce the Green Party platform. You can find the platform itself at:


My goal as a farmer is not to push a political agenda. I’m limiting my comments here to issues directly relating to my farming enterprise. It has become apparent that the Conservatives are not interested in protecting small farmers such as myself. Their support for the use of genetically engineered seeds and their secretive negotiations of the Canadian European Trade Agreement threaten my ability to maintain an organic/biodynamic farm, as well as make a living for myself. The conservative candidate in my riding, John Baird has made an international farce of Canadians in the way we are viewed as environmentally responsible people. He has made a point of ignoring my questions and comments and does not support in any way local production of food in Ottawa. When I approached the Liberal leader, Micheal Ignatief, he declared he would not support bills aiming to protect Canadian farmers on the sole grounds that they were put forward by independent members of parliament. He has skipped every voting session in the house of commons which pertained to issues important to farmers and has since openly declared his support for genetically engineered seeds. He even opposes labeling of foods containing genetically engineered ingredients.

The Green Party puts forward a strong platform based on open democracy and a responsible and sustainable economy. They promote the improvement of our health, rather than promoting pumping more cash into an over-abused healthcare system and protecting the rights of small business owners such as myself. Since a group of TV execs have made the decision, behalf of all Canadians, not to include Elizabeth May in the Leaders Debate, I urge you to get informed yourself about this very serious, very important party. With a yearly increase in voter support (over 1 million last election) and representatives in every riding in Canada, the Green Party is ready to have a voice in the House of Commons. Please do not vote for a candidate “just so the other guy doesn’t win”. Vote for who you think will best promote your interests in Parliament. And most important: GO VOTE on MAY 2nd!!!

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