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Goodbye Summer

Fall has arrived in splendour. Our first frost last Friday killed off the remaining cucumbers, summer squash and paste tomatoes. Luckily, we’ve still got juicy salad tomatoes in the greenhouse!

All the crops remaining outside have been covered to take maximum advantage of the warm days we have left, and the protect against another cold night.

It is time to feed hay to cattle and chop firewood for the stove. It’s also time to renew CSA memberships for 2015. Lookout for a new Farmigo page in the next couple weeks!

It’s been a very interesting transitional season and we’re poised for an excellent 2015, with a more efficient garden, returning staff and an expanded cattle operation.

CSA Update
Week No.14          
This week, our CSA members will get:

Dark green, crisp, full flavoured celery

Assorted tomatoes:
A combination of our salad tomatoes and paste tomatoes.

Green peppers:
This skinned and juicy. Slice ’em up!

Garlic: A little extra garlic with this flu stuff going around…

You can always count on kale to make a strong showing at this time of year. And what perfect timing for those nutrient packed leaves?

Pumpkin: This week’s winter squash is a pie pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds and roast them! Enjoy squash in soup, roasted in the oven, in cookies or muffins or in pie.

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