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Getting the word out

Hello all,

It seems our 2008 season is off to a great start! Many enthusiastic people are already hard at work to make our Intentional Eaters Community a delicious success. I can’t wait to see those little shoots of green shooting up from the ground this spring!

Working in northern Ontario this winter has really taught me to appreciate the availability of Organic food in Ottawa. Grocery stores offer basic produce and packaged foods, but organic, local or whole food are practically none-existent.

Administrative work for the farm is going full force. Registration forms are trickling in. Promotion is high on the agenda these days. Members are encouraged to post simple flyers in areas where like-minded individuals may them.

Of course, getting your friends and colleagues, and other people you see regularly on board can save you tones of printing and taping time.

Thank you and good onwards!


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