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Garlic is Good

I was psyched about harvesting garlic this week until I noticed the weather forecast. More rain and more cold. Yarg! Well, we’ll see. It’s been strange, unpredictable weather this July so maybe it’ll get better. Either way, it’s time to get the garlic out of the ground!

We do hardneck garlic in a big way at the farm. A variety I developed over the past 7 years from a collection of trial varieties from Beaver Pond Estates, it is characterized by big bulbs, big flavour and great storage. We’re hoping to pull it out of the garden this week, concentrating our efforts on Wednesday and Friday. Be in touch if you can help out. It’s a big job and we could use the extra hands.

CSA Update
Week No.6     
This week our CSA members will get:

Lettuce: Our lettuce supply is slowing down, but I like to do my best to give you weekly lettuce. It’s such an easy green to use with any meal.

Tomato: Lots of tomatoes now, and more varieties. We’ll be sending more and more your way as they ripen.

The first cucumbers of the summer are coming off the vine. There is a remarcably low number of cucumber beetles this year, so we’re looking forward to a good crop of blemish-free cukes for your enjoyment. Fingers crossed!

Basil: One of those herbs everybody seems to like. Use other seasonings sparingly alongside basil to highlight its delicate flavour.

Summer onions: Weekly onions. Onions not only taste great, but are a very healthy, alkalizing food to include in your diet.

Summer squash: Green ones, striped ones, round ones, yellow ones. We’ll rotate the different varieties we have to all our pickups so you’ll get to try them all. They’re great pan fried, baked, stir fried or BBQed. Try stuffing the larger ones!

Green Beans:
A summer favourite for sure, steamed beans with salt and butter are always a treat.

Carrots: Juicy, orange, carrot bunches.

Red beets: More delicious beets. Remember the greens aren’t just edible; they’re delicious! Beets are the same species as chard, so use the greens in the same way.

Broccoli: Crunchy, tasty, nutritious broccoli! This is our main summer harvest of broccoli. We’re growing lots more broccoli this year since everyone seems to go nuts for it.

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