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Fulltime work opportunity

Position available: 1 summer intern
Full-time with stipend & board
Français et anglais
Now – September 30th

Riverglen Farm is a certified biodynamic farm located in Ottawa’s Greenbelt. This 112 acre heritage site is located in the west end of the city, surrounded by Greenbelt forest and wetlands, on the banks of the Ottawa river. An assortment of vegetables are grown and sold to an 80 harvest-share CSA as well as restaurants and natural food stores. A flock of laying hens supply eggs and share manure production duties with a few cows, sheep and ducks.

Position description:

I am seeking a solid pair of arms and a clear mind to help with farm tasks this summer. Vegetable production, harvest and distribution will take up a good part of the time, but there are daily animal chores to share, as well as property maintenance tasks to carry out.

The typical workweek is Monday to Friday but it may change and evolve, depending on celestial rhythms and tasks needing to be accomplished. You are expected to be fed, dressed and ready for work by 8am on regular days and 7am on harvest days. The workday ends at 6pm or 5pm respectively, and we break for lunch between noon and 2pm. All crew-members are expected to take their turn preparing a common lunch for the rest of the crew.

In exchange for your commitment, a dedicated work attitude and an eagerness to learn, I offer a weekly stipend of $50 per week. The amount depends on prior experience and accommodation arrangements.

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Interns should be ready to tent it. A wooden platform will be provided to pitch your tent, and we can supply a tarp to add another layer of protection. Commuting from Ottawa is possible by car or bicycle.
A common kitchen in the barn is equipped with hot water, a stove, fridge, kettle, as well as dishes and cutlery. The barn kitchen has a kitchen table and chairs, and an assortment of couches and chairs can be found nearby. Picnic tables, porches, benches, hammocks and a beach can be found around the property.

A compost-toilet is in the works for 2010. In case this doesn’t happen, a chemical toilet will be provided. An enclosed outdoor shower(with hot water) is accessible at all times. Laundry, telephone and internet facilities are located in the farmhouse and can be used during specified times.

How to apply:

Write a few paragraphs about the reasons why you want to join the farm crew and what you feel you can bring to it. Send it along with any questions to: david.burnford@gmail.com

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