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Feast of Fields was Delicious!

Our winning dish

Well, we sure had a nice day at Feast of Fields over the weekend. The site looked amazing with everyone pitching in for decorations and everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Our dish, created by Oz Kafé using our ingredients, one the ”Most Unique Dish” prize. Chef Jamie Stunt put together a nice treat using our cauliflower, parsley, tomatoes, watermelon, beets, onion, garlic and sage. Who knew deep-fried cauliflower was so amazing!

CSA Pickup No.14
This weeks vegetables include…  

Parsley: Award-winning parsley 😉

Scallions: Maybe the last week, maybe not…

Cauliflower: See the recipe for rausted cauliflower below.

Sweet peppers: An assortment of our heirloom sweet peppers.

Garlic: Weekly garlic

Salad mix:
Washed, tender greens

Beans: Surprise! More beans! No frost yet…

Swiss Chard: Hardy greens for cooking

Rainbow carrots: Weekly carrots. Lots of vitamins, lots of crunch.

Potato: Tomato season is winding down, but we are replacing popular item with another popular South American vegetable, the potato! This week, enjoy the russett potato. A crisp, dry-fleshed potato good for chipping and frying, as well as baking.

Roasted Cauliflower
Instructions for roasting cauliflower, from Sarah Dehler

1.Prepare cauliflower florets by breaking apart in bite-sized pieces (any quantity) Rinse in a colander and transfer to a bowl that is approximately 3 times larger than quantity of cauliflower.
2.Sprinkle cauliflower with a few dashes of sea salt
Pour over cauliflower approximately 1/2 – 1 tsp of olive oil for every 2 cups of cauliflower (start with a smaller amount and add more if required)
3.Toss cauliflower, oil and salt in bowl (a cover is helpful, but not necessary) until all florets are covered in a light layer of oil
4.Transfer to a small, preferably dark, shallow roasting pan
Roast at 400 degrees F for 10-15 minutes (approx)
During the roasting time, gently shake the pan or use a spatula to turn florets
Cauliflower is done when slightly browned on one or more sides
This recipe is equally good on the grill, with a vegetable griller with holes.
Herbs and spices are also good to experiment with.

Feast of Fields Ottawa
This year we are paired with Oz Kafé

Check out this video by Ron Eade

2012 Feast of Fields
2012 Feast of Fields
Feast of Fields 2012 official website

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