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Farmers: Master Jacks-of-all-trades

Steve pounding T-barOne thing about farming is that, aside from gardening, there are many other jobs to be done.  I’m no professional wielder of a sledge hammer, but it doesn’t take too long to get the knack of it. Just as the job is finishing up you get that wonderful feeling of having mastered it, and being ready to actually set about doing the task efficiently.  As with other professions, there are some tasks that don’t happen very often.  The training acquired in one morning of pounding may not be useful again until a few months later.  David is definitely a master Jack of all trades. We interns still have a little way to go.

Modified Sledge
Modified sledge hammer for Jacks in-training. An old metal hinge and some hockey tape stopped the metal posts from damaging the handle of the hammer when we missed!

The hoop house arrived a couple of weeks ago. We piled it up beside the field.  Then it sat there while we were busy in the garden.  Last week we started to move some of it towards the fields.  We spent a long time Friday measuring, once, twice, thrice, and more until the two rows of 6” x 6” were perfectly lined up to form the foundation.  Then we started creating the anchors for the foundation, by pounding metal T-posts into the ground beside the wooden beams.  That’s Steve giving a good pound to the last ‘spike’. A lug bolt connects the wooden beams to the T-posts, and voilà we have a foundation. Bit by bit, a hoop house will appear in our fields soon!


What’s in my Box?

Week No.13


  • Zucchini (fondly known as Zukes): After a surprise comeback, the zukes have given us enough for the Tuesday baskets. You can always grate and freeze it to use later.
  • Radishes: French breakfast radishes.
  • Potatoes: A mix of white and Russian blue potatoes this week for a colourful dish.
  • Tomatoes:  Pasta, sandwiches, soups, stews…
  • Wax Beans: Yellow coloured beans to much raw, throw into salads, or boil ever so briefly.
  • Onions: A good size bunch of fresh onions – keep them somewhere dry and airy.  That means not in the fridge, but on a shelf or counter.
  • Sweet Peppers: A baggie of sweet peppers, the plants are doing very well!
  • Parsley: Fresh herb of the week.

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